Equinix Will Deliver Hybrid Cloud Solutions Based on Tier 3 Cloud Platform

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Data center operator Equinix announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with enterprise cloud hosting provider Tier 3 to create an “enterprise-ready gateway to the cloud” using Tier 3’s infrastructure as a service cloud platform and Equinix’s International Business Exchange data centers.

The partnership, says Equinix, enables enterprise customers (presumably of Equinix’s more traditional data center services) to consume efficient and agile cloud services on the Tier 3 IaaS cloud platform, across Platform Equinix, the data center company’s effort to enable its thousands of companies in its customer ecosystem to take advantage of the technology and services racked nearby, with other customers.

Customers inside Equinix data centers will be able to quickly deploy virtual private cloud solutions from Tier 3, extending their existing infrastructure by creating a virtual private environment that meets security and compliance requirements, rather than using public clouds.

Equinix introduced the “Platform Equinix” concept last year, around the launch of a marketplace its customers could use to exchange their services. It has expanded the project conceptually in the months since, with deals like the Tier 3 partnership announced Tuesday.

The Tier 3 cloud hosting solution will first be available from Equinix’s Chicago and New York data centers. The company says it plans to expand globally into Europe and Asia.

The nature of the deal, relative to the nature of the Platform Equinix project would seem to suggest that Tier 3 (already successfully providing infrastructure as a service cloud hosting outside of the Platform Equinix environment) has its resources located in just those Chicago and New York Equinix facilities at the moment. Tier 3 put its cloud infrastructure into the Equinix New York Data Center in October of last year. Partnering with Equinix in this way could potentially expose the cloud hosting company to a huge audience of new customers.

“Platform Equinix provides secure, scalable and highly interconnected data center services across 38 strategic global markets. Our network choice combined with access to a wide array of leading cloud services solutions, gives customers a rich environment to build and integrate private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions,” says Chris Sharp, general manager, cloud and content for Equinix, quoted in the press release. “Our partnership with Tier 3 further strengthens Equinix’s position as the destination of choice for enterprise cloud deployments through high availability, security and business continuity required for a hybrid or virtual private cloud solution.”

In February, Equinix partnered with cloud orchestration tool RightScale to provide customers with access to the software for controlling cloud computing resources within the enterprise.

Equinix and Tier 3 are planning a webinar in April to discuss the nature of the cloud hosting service being delivered through their partnership.

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