Equinix Invests $28.5 Million to Expand Singapore Data Center

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Data center operator Equinix announced on Monday it has launched phase four of its second Singapore International Business Exchange data center.

The move follows Equinix’s recently acquisition of data center firm Asia Tone, which added six data centers in Asia to its portfolio.

Singapore’s hosting and cloud market is a rapidly growing, brought on by demand for cloud services from local and multinational cloud and financial services customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

As a result of this demand, Singapore houses approximately 50 percent of South East Asia’s data center capacity, according to the Singapore Economic Development Board.

Equinix is investing an additional $28.5 million in the expansion of SG2, increasing the number of cabinets to 3,256.

The fourth phase of the expansion, which is expected to be available by the end of 2012, is timed to meet customer demand in Singapore driven by the growth in cloud adoption.

Equinix continues to see increasing demand for cloud services from local and multinational cloud and financial services customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

By leveraging Equinix’s network-dense and highly secure platform, customers will gain access to an established ecosystem of companies where they will benefit from high-connectivity and low latency.

“Many businesses in Asia-Pacific are realizing the benefits of cloud as the new way to deliver and consume IT services. In fact, statistics from Gartner have shown that spend on data center services has reached $10 billion in the region alone last year,” said Clement Goh, managing director at Equinix South Asia. “Cloud adoption in Singapore will accelerate rapidly in the next few years, with many companies such as the financial institutions identifying cloud technology as part of their business plans. With Mediapolis@One-North earmarked as a media hub, the media industry in Singapore is poised for greater growth and will increasingly require cloud facilities to effectively connect and collaborate with their global partners. The expansion of SG2 will enable us to continue to meet strong customer demand and also further reinforces Singapore’s position as a global IT hub and home for businesses looking to expand in Asia.”

This announcement is part of Equinix’s continuing global expansion program to meet demand. The company opened three other data centers last year in the Asia-Pacific region, including in Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo, as well as expanded its existing data center in Sydney this year.

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  1. This is certainly good news for us data center users as Equinix connectivity is really second to none in Singapore. But I do hope they will build a new data center in the East instead of all concentrating on the West of Singapore.