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Equinix and RightScale Partner to Provide Cloud Management Platform to Customers

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Data center services provider Equinix announced on Tuesday that its strategic partnership with cloud management firm RightScale to offer the RightScale Cloud Management Platform to Platform Equinix customers.

This announcement comes a week after Equinix revealed its plans to build a data center in Dulles, Virginia with web host Carpathia Hosting.

The joint offering will meet the demand of cloud management solutions from cloud customers, and illustrates how cloud providers can partner with existing solutions rather than create their own. Service providers that have deployed assets in Platform Equinix will be able to partner with RightScale through this new service as well.

According to the press release, organizations will be able to connect their own corporate private cloud with public clouds in an Equinix facility managed through a single dashboard with RightScale myCloud. It also connects private cloud infrastructure to joint Equinix and Rightscale public cloud partners like AWS, Rackspace, Logicworks, SoftLayer and Datapipe.

“Unlike other offerings, this partnership allows IT teams and service providers to increase the speed and reliability of delivering comprehensive cloud environments, particularly for those organizations with high data security and compliance needs or for those looking for increased performance for specific applications. Customers can literally provision entire server deployments in minutes with full-featured automation and govern them over their entire lifecycle,” Josh Fraser, senior vice president of business development for RightScale said in a statement. “This unique combination of RightScale cloud management and Platform Equinix provides a compelling value proposition for companies looking to accelerate their business with private and public cloud infrastructures.”

Customers will also have access to the RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace which includes a library of pre-built cloud ServerTemplates, scripts and architectures published by RightScale, ISV and SI partners. RightScale launched its MultiCloud Marketplace in May.

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