eNom's auction of one and two-character .ORG domains, dubbed Project 94, will kick off on April 7

eNom Readies One and Two-Character .ORG Domain Auction

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Wholesale domain registrar eNom announced on Monday that its auction of one and two-character .ORG domains, dubbed Project 94, will kick off on April 7 and run through April 19.

Project 94 is the culmination of the partnership announced last year between non-profit .ORG operator Public Interest Registry and wholesale registrars Go Daddy and eNom. The partnership gives Go Daddy and eNom exclusive rights to split up and auction the coveted one and two-character .ORG domains.

When the partnership was announced in October, Public Interest Registry CEO Brian Cute told the WHIR that Project 94 was designed to provide awareness to the .ORG brand, and quash the notion that the domain is only intended for non-profits. Recently, PIR reported that new .ORG registrations increased by 11.9 percent in the second half of 2012.

eNom will work with the aftermarket domain name service, NameJet to host the auction of 39 premium .ORG domain names. NameJet and eNom will host 39 individual auctions over the 12-day period.

Registration is now open and validation is required ahead of the auctions on April 7 in order to participate, according to the press release.

“The .ORG brand is one of credibility and community, and as a longtime partner of PIR, we’re thrilled to offer these premium .ORG names in this landmark auction,” Taryn Naidu, executive vice president for eNom said in a statement.  “Access to these new domains allows more organizations to elevate their brands by making themselves more visible online and credible to consumers who know they can trust the .ORG brand.”

Premium domain names such as 7.org, yo.org and g.org will be made available for the first time, and a full list of available domain names is available on the NameJet website.

Go Daddy started its one and two-character domain name auction in mid-March, and will wrap up its auction on April 4, 2013.

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