eNom Fixes DNS Outage That Impacted One-Third of Customer Base

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Domain registrar eNom has resolved its DNS outage on Monday morning that affected about one-third of its customer base. The company continues to investigate the issue.

While the DNS outage is resolved, eNom said in a tweet that that “a few upstream providers maybe [sic] experiencing caching issues.”

“If you’re still seeing DNS issues, check out your site w/ a smart phone w/wifi off (using the carriers wave should bypass caching issues),” eNom said in a tweet on Monday evening. It also directed customers still experiencing issues to “flush DNS to force servers to query [its] DNS.”

According to a report by The Register, who was watching eNom customers’ response to the outage on Twitter, some experienced intermittent issues, while other customers based in Europe reported that their sites were completely down because of the issue.

Businesses affected by the DNS outage included hh2 Web Services, a provider of cloud services and tools for construction companies based in Utah; Elexio, an Elizabethtown, Pa.-based provider of software for churches; and Oklahoma City-based a la mode, inc., a real estate technology provider. All of their websites are working now.

An official statement by Rightside Director of Corporate Communications Mark Gross provided to Elliot Silver of DomainInvesting.com said: “We experienced a DNS outage this morning that affected some of our customers. We have resolved this issue and are investigating the cause and ways, if possible, to avoid this happening in the future.”

On Twitter, eNom resolved to be more forthcoming with information around future outages or issues, as customers pressed the company for more details.

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