Employees Require More Cloud Training as Adoption Outpaces Skillsets: Survey

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Half of the IT professionals participating in cloud initiatives need more education on cloud technology, according to a survey released Tuesday by IT monitoring software provider ScienceLogic. The survey indicated that while businesses are investing in cloud adoption, employee skills and knowledge are not increasing at the same pace.

Based on the responses of 1,000 IT professionals, 50 percent of organizations will increase IT spending in 2014, with heavy investment in cloud-enabling technologies. These investments, however, will often be managed and implemented by staff without the necessary skills to do their jobs.

Forty percent of respondents also said that they expect their earnings in 2014 to be the same as or less than they were in 2013. Between education and salary, there is a gap between what organizations are spending on the stuff and what they are spending on people. That gap is translating into a gap between how organizations want their networks to develop, and how prepared they are to develop them.

“Cloud computing is at the top of every CIO’s agenda, but it’s clear that many employees do not feel confident managing the new IT environment,” Antonio Piraino, CTO, ScienceLogic said. “There is hope, however, in automated IT monitoring solutions, which not only help companies do more with less and proactively detect IT issues, but also aid in getting staff up to speed on cloud technologies. As a result, employees are more secure in their jobs, and employers don’t have to worry about losing valuable talent due to a lack of skills.”

IT spending is expected to increase by a net margin of 35 percent over 2013, with almost two-thirds of organizations upping their spending by 6-20 percent.

While ScienceLogic suggests spending some of that increase on automated IT monitoring solutions, the survey results are also good news for companies that offer education and training, such as Mirantis, who launched a vendor-agnostic OpenStack certification program for system administrators and cloud operators last week.

Rackspace also expanded its OpenStack training program in September.

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