Elastica Launches Data Science Powered Cloud Security Solution, Raises $6.3M in Funding

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Cloud security startup Elastica has raised $6.3 million in Series A funding and has launched a security solution for cloud applications and services called CloudSOC designed to offer a “data science powered” alternative to traditional Security Operations Centers.

According to Elastica, its new CloudSOC offering provides transaction visibility, threat detection, controls and forensic analysis for cloud environments. This sort of functionality is needed when it comes to cloud services, given that traditional SOCs designed for on-premise applications and data don’t necessarily provide the same level of monitoring, real-time threat detection and controls cloud services.

Elastica CloudSOC inspects data coming from multiple sources, including real time traffic, APIs, firewalls and end-devices to enable security. Its data science technology known as “StreamIQ” uses machine learning to analyze and secure cloud applications and services, including new ones that may enter enterprise networks daily with or without the knowledge and approval of the IT department.

“Cloud and mobile has brought the promise of a truly Elastic Enterprise,” Elastica president and CEO Rehan Jalil said in a statement. “Such an enterprise empowers employees to collaborate from anywhere using any device, enables efficient consumption of business resources as needed, and improves overall business agility. Elastica eliminates the security hurdle to enable a safe and secure Elastic Enterprise.”

The launch this week of Elastica CloudSOC caused some confusion, given that it shares its name with CloudSOC, a completely separate app that runs on the Splunk platform to examine machine data for security anomalies.

Founded in 2012, Elastica has now raised $6.3 million in early venture funding from Menlo Park-based venture capital firm Mayfield Fund as it leaves “stealth mode” and begins to offer CloudSOC to the public. Elastica already has more than 65 team members ranging in expertise in fields such as data science, big data analytics, security, real-time stream processing, visualization, and web-scale deployments.

Elastica CloudSOC is available now. A trial is available, and priced is on a per subscriber per month basis.

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