e-onlinedata Offers buySAFE Seal

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October 10, 2007 — E-commerce merchant account provider e-onlinedata (e-onlinedata.com) announced on Wednesday it has launched a wide-ranging, co-marketing program with e-commerce solutions provider buySAFE (buysafe.com). Now, merchants approved by e-onlinedata will instantly qualify for a buySAFE-certified account, which will allow them to display the buySAFE Seal on their website and bond guarantee in their checkout.

“Research has proven that shoppers who are comfortable and confident in the trustworthiness of a merchant are more likely to complete an online purchase and return to make future purchases,” says Stephen Goodrich, president of PowerPay, the parent company of e-onlinedata. “We wanted to go above and beyond the industry standard and make it easy for our merchants to offer that level of consumer protection through buySAFE.”

e-onlinedata merchants who select buySAFE will receive the buySAFE Seal, certifying that the merchant is trustworthy and continuously monitored, and that its customers’ purchases can be fully guaranteed with a bond from buySAFE and its surety partners Liberty Mutual, Travelers and ACE USA.

buySAFE’s Seal and bond guarantee is offered to any e-onlinedata-approved merchants. Also, buySAFE merchants receive discounted pricing on e-onlinedata’s suite of e-commerce payment processing solutions.

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