Duda Expands Website Builder to all Platforms, Drops “Mobile” from Name


Mobile website builder DudaMobile is expanding to other platforms, and jettisoning the “Mobile” from its name to reflect the move. Duda will offer its “one-click site builder” for desktop, tablet, and mobile, according to an announcement by the company on Tuesday.

The new tool will be called DudaOne, emphasizing the use of one tool to create sites for all three platforms.

“In today’s world, there are a wide variety of screens including tablets, desktops, GPSs, Google Glass, and 90’ inch TVs, that businesses need to consider when taking on the web,” Duda CEO and co-founder Itai Sadan wrote in a blog post. “Your customers are now interacting with all of these various devices and we realized there needed to be a solution, not just for major corporations with deep pockets and endless resources, but for small- and medium-sized businesses as well.”

The new builder will operate in basically the same way as the original did, with client content being automatically pulled from existing websites and social media, and no coding.

Duda raised $10.3 million in an extension of its series B funding round in 2013.

Duda has grown quickly, in large part due to partnerships with hosting companies. In 2012 Duda (then DudaMobile) and GoDaddy launched a partnership to allow GoDaddy customers to make their sites responsive and grow Duda’s reach. In 2013, it was DreamHost adding responsive mobile site building capability with Duda.

How attractive DudaOne is to potential partners remains to be seen.

DudaOne is available for a limited time to the first 10,000 customers for a one-time price of $149.

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