DreamHost Reworks Cloud Storage Package Features, Pricing

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Web host and cloud services provider DreamHost has introduced changes to the features and pricing of its cloud storage service DreamObjects.

According to DreamHost’s Tuesday announcement, DreamObjects now offers full support for custom CNAME records, letting customers use their domain name to link to objects stored in DreamObjects, rather than the one assigned to them by DreamObjects.

Another major new feature is that users can upload files directly to DreamObjects from the DreamHost control panel in the browser.

DreamHost worked with Inktank to optimize the open-source Ceph storage software behind DreamObjects for greater cost and operating efficiency. These savings allowed DreamHost to reduce its utility pricing from 7¢ per GB per month to 5¢ per GB per month of storage used. For customers with more predictable storage needs, monthly pre-paid storage plans are available for between 5¢ and less than 2¢ per GB per month based on the storage needed.

DreamObjects has also reduced data transfer prices from 7¢ per GB per month to 5¢ per GB per month to reflect falling bandwidth costs.

DreamObjects can be used for a wide range of popular cloud storage applications including web and application file serving, web site backup and disaster recovery, as well as for personal or business backup of photos, videos and important files.

One of the compelling existing DreamObjects features is its compatibility with the APIs of Amazon S3 and Swift-based object storage services like Rackspace Cloud Files.

Many storage service providers have integrated DreamObjects, including CloudBerry Lab and its CloudBerry Managed Backup service. CloudBerry Lab announced today that it is offering a 30-percent discount on all its products to DreamObjects customers for the rest of 2013.

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