DreamHost Offers Integrated Support for Let’s Encrypt Project

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DreamHost has launched integrated support for the Let’s Encrypt project for its managed hosting customers, the company announced Thursday. Let’s Encrypt will provide customers with free end-to-end HTTPS protection with a single-click within the DreamHost control panel.

The web host and cloud service provider made its position on encryption and customer privacy clear when it announced plans to support Let’s Encrypt in December, when it began issuing free SSL certificates. A DreamHost blog post adorned with Edward Snowden’s picture emphasizes the lack of privacy of unencrypted Internet communications.

“DreamHost believes strongly that our users’ private data should remain private,” said Brett Dunst, DreamHost’s VP of Brand & Community. “Every Internet user, site owner or otherwise, should have a reasonable expectation that their interactions with a website won’t be surreptitiously monitored by a third party – ever.”

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Let’s Encrypt certificates could previously be used with DreamHost accounts, but “required a bit of leg work” to generate and attach to the user’s domain. Complete implementation now takes a matter of minutes, the company said. DreamHost will continue to offer paid SSL certificates to users on request, but explicitly says “SSL certificates are all the same.”

Having been launched with fanfare and new sponsorship, and even having had its first vulnerability hiccup, Let’s Encrypt certificates need to be utilized widely and successfully to protect user privacy and grow the project.

Governments around the world continue to grapple with how to deal with encryption, with some leaders expressing concern that it could be used by terrorists to avoid detection.

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