DreamHost Integrates CloudFlare Performance, Security Tools into Web Hosting Plans

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Web hosting company DreamHost announced on Thursday it has partnered with content delivery network provider CloudFlare to include its performance and security tools as part of DreamHost’s standard hosting plans.

Partnering with CDN providers is one way that web hosting companies can differentiate their services from competitors. Faster loading times obviously lead to increased revenue and conversion rates, and this is certainly a benefit web hosting companies can mention in their sales pitch.

Web hosting companies SKGold and Certified Hosting also recently partnered with CloudFlare to offer its security and web performance service to theirĀ  customers.

DreamHost customers will now have immediate access to CloudFlare’s infrastructure as a standard feature for little or no added cost to their regular hosting plans.

CloudFlare’s “Always Online” technology ensures that sites deploying the CloudFlare platform will remain online, continuing to serve cached content, even if the servers on which they are housed become temporarily unreachable.

Additionally, DreamHost and CloudFlare are enabling customers to create “CloudFlare Plus,” where they can bundle CloudFlare’s most popular features available exclusively to DreamHost customers.

As an optional paid upgrade, CloudFlare Plus is priced at $9.95 per month and adds automatic image optimization and support for SSL connections. Provisioning of either option has been integrated within the DreamHost customer control panel.

“When we first met with the CloudFlare team at HostingCon 2011 we had no idea if what they were telling us was true,” said Kathy Brahm, DreamHost’s VP of customer experience and partnerships. “You know how typical sales people can be — schmoozy, smiley, ‘Let-me-buy-you-dinnery,’ handsy… all the while making outrageous claims about their product. CloudFlare’s team has been the complete opposite of those — and a true pleasure to deal with. We’ve spent the past few weeks putting CloudFlare through its paces and running some tests of our own. Some of us nearly fainted when the first speed tests came back. One guy cried. Me? I buried my feelings deep inside so I don’t have to deal with them. It’s just what I do.”

DreamHost customers can now take advantage of CloudFlare’s free offering and the DreamHost-exclusive CloudFlare Plus. Later this month, DreamHost will launch a new company that will commercialize an object-based storage software development called Ceph.

Talk Back: Do you currently offer performance and security services as a standard feature with your hosting plans? Do you see a value in offering these kinds of services? Let us know in the comments.

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