DreamHost Boosts Managed WordPress Security with Pre-Installed TLS Certificates

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DreamHost has taken its next step with the Let’s Encrypt project, providing pre-installed TLS certificates for all new DreamPress hosting accounts. By making HTTPS a default for customers of the managed WordPress offering with Let’s Encrypt, the company will move closer to all of its customers’ websites using end-to-end encryption.

Let’s Encrypt began issuing free TLS certificates in late 2015. DreamHost began offering integrated support for the free encryption project early this year, and Let’s Encrypt surpassed one million certificates issued in March.

DreamHost points out the value of encryption for its core markets of bloggers, developers, and small businesses, not just to ecommerce sites, due to both the privacy enhancement and improved search engine rankings.

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“This is our next step in making the web a safer and better place,” said Brett Dunst, VP of Marketing, Hosting. “We take privacy and security very seriously at DreamHost. We will continue to deliver enhancements that add protection to both our website hosting customers and their site visitors.”

DreamPress received a boost from WordPress.org earlier this year when it was added to the list of recommended hosts, among a number of recent developments for DreamHost. VP of cloud and development Jonathen LaCour referred to the company’s emphasis on WordPress hosting in a discussion with the WHIR in April.

Some DreamHost customers recently experienced prolonged email outages due to problems with a pair of servers.

Let’s Encrypt recently announced full IPv6 support, and that the open project’s root key will be trusted by default in the upcoming Firefox 50 release.

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  1. More and more hosting providers take WordPress security very seriously, which is a good sign. I'm glad to see that DreamHost is also focusing a lot on their WordPress hosting service and improving their security too. Good job!