Domain Registrar Namecheap Accuses Go Daddy of Hindering Domain Transfer Process


Domain registrar publicly opposed the Stop Online Piracy Act on Friday in the midst of the Go Daddy SOPA customer backlash, and claims that Go Daddy was thwarting efforts to transfer domains by returning incomplete WHOIS information to Namecheap during the transfer process.

In a statement, Go Daddy says the delay was due to the normal rate limiting which is to prevent abuse. Go Daddy removed the rate limit for Namecheap, “as a courtesy”, but was critical of its choice of using a blog post to talk about the problem rather than take the issue up with Go Daddy directly, according to a report by PCMag.

This is not the first time Namecheap has cashed in on Go Daddy’s misfires. In March, after the video of then Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons shooting an elephant surfaced, the domain registrar offered a domain transfer promotion and donated 20 percent of revenue to the Save The Elephants charity.

Targeting customers of competitors is nothing new, in fact, many web hosts have used this marketing tactic with success in the past. In the July issue of WHIR magazine, Memset CEO and co-founder Katie Craig-Wood talked about Memset’s campaign targeting Rackspace customers after it announced it would migrate Slicehost to Rackspace. Craig-Wood maintains that marketing campaigns like this are ethical as long as they are honest and not slanderous.

“While we at Namecheap firmly believe in intellectual rights, SOPA is like detonating a nuclear bomb on the internet when only a surgical strike is necessary,” Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap CEO said in a statement. “This legislation has the potential to harm the way everyone uses the Internet and to undermine the system itself. At Namecheap, we believe having a free and open Internet is the only option that will continue the legacy of innovation and openess that stands for everything we all value in our modern society.”

In a statement, Namecheap says it believes in Internet freedom and applauds those who oppose SOPA.

“If SOPA passes in its current form, the rights of users (who are the Internet) will be wholly and totally subjugated to the rights of intellectual property holders. This simply cannot stand,” Namecheap said in a statement.

Go Daddy has come under fire for first its support of SOPA, and then its retraction. Various reports claim that about 70,000 domains have transferred from Go Daddy to other domain registrars since last week.

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  1. More than three years ago I have written a comment in this page and it is nice to see them. It just like 'a timeline' for me. I am now having lots of domains in various registrars (mostly US and UK Based). As an administrator of small local university, I manage 'some' domains for lecturers and students. NameCheap is still on my list of 'great registrar'. Another UK based company offer me reseller account to help me manage few hundreds of domain but I am not ready yet as I believe it require great responsibility. About GoDaddy, I still have no comment for them even after more than three years. They have changed, I know that.

  2. Four months after first comment, I was thinking NameCheap as better domain registrar for me. I wish NameCheap could keep the reputation forever.

  3. For whatever it's worth, GoDaddy has put a major distaste in my attempt to do some casual blogging. Their refusal to supply an EPP code for a transfer has resulted in a 60 day waiting period until the domain name becomes available again. Having only written a few million lines of code in my 30 years in the industry for major named firms, I wasn't looking to perform anything more than a personal sight which may serve as a place for friends to exchange ideas for: vacations, restaurants, etc. In my opinion Bob has seen the last of his "Hooter girls" marketing. The new geeks don't need the 2 dimensional thrill, nor did any of us "old timers." Arrogance was never a successful marketing plan for my employers and they still made billions. Sorry Parker, you're Black Sheep and never will be: Baa Baa Baa, mo

  4. As a blogger, I would definitely choose a company that do lots of right things. In this case, Namecheap seems the right one. That's why I entrust my domains with them. But if they act just like what GoDaddy done, I might switch the registrar. I only support the company that always do the right thing.

  5. Bob Parson is under some real heat lately for a number of controversial things. I'm thinking of transferring out of there too. I am researching Namecheap, it seems to a favorite among the internet community.