DIY Website Builder Launches Integrated Email Newsletter Tool

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DIY website builder has launched a new tool for users to create and send email newsletters from within the Wix dashboard, called Wix ShoutOut.

Prior to Wix ShoutOut, users could find several apps in the App Market to help set up a mailing list and send out newsletters. ShoutOut offers this capability from directly within the dashboard which saves users the hassle of finding the right apps, or using other freemium email marketing tools such as MailChimp.

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for small businesses. A study released last year by Vocus found that email marketing accounts for the largest share of SMB marketing budgets, capturing an average of 15 percent, due to the lower costs of sending email than traditional marketing.

Wix ShoutOut is the first product that uses the recently launched WixHive API, which allows formerly standalone apps installed on a users’ site through the Wix App Market to share collected data. The collected data, such as contact information, is stored and managed on the dashboard, and is accessible to products like ShoutOut. With ShoutOut, users can also import contacts from external contact lists like Gmail or Outlook.

“We allow small business owners to create and manage their online presence with enterprise-level solutions but without the need for enterprise-level resources. Wix ShoutOut is a classic Wix product – it provides a user-friendly and code-free solution for a highly sought after business need,” Avishai Abrahami, Wix Co-Founder and CEO said. “This is the latest addition to our comprehensive product suite, and we see it as an important step in furthering the Wix vision of creating a true operating system for the web.”

The tool gives users the ability to customize template newsletters and full access to free images provided by Wix. Newsletters include social sharing and email analytics, standard features for this kind of tool, offering data on views, open and click-through rates.

Wix ShoutOut is currently available in beta to all 50 million Wix customers.

Currently, ShoutOut is free, but there will be paid options upon its full release.

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  1. Does anyone still use Wix? Wordpress is just so easy, it's hard to go wrong with them