DIY Website Builder Squarespace Improves Developer Capabilities with Acquisition

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Hosted DIY website platform Squarespace has acquired startup to enhance developer workflow, the company announced in a blog post Monday. provides a similar service to Squarespace by leveraging cloud tools including Dropbox and AWS.

Both companies refer to a shared passion for simplicity in their statements about the acquisition, and combining that passion with developer customization motivated the acquisition. Several Brace tools were already available from Squarespace, and Squarespace recently launched a developer platform with Squarespace 6.

“We’ve designed workflows for shipping code, collaborating on website designs, and integrating forms, data and charts,” founder Cole Krumbholz said in a blog post. “We built these tools to be intuitive for developers at any skill level.”

All Brace customers will receive a full refund for their last subscription period, and a coupon for three months free service on Site44. Paying customers will additionally be offered a full year of free unlimited plan service from Squarespace, as they try to bring along as many of Brace’s customers as possible.

Squarespace will also release Brace’s free tools for forms, charts and data as open source projects.

Squarespace also announced the release of Squarespace 7 to public beta last month, which added new developer tools among its feature upgrades.

Squarespace received $40 million in funding to scale its engineering and infrastructure teams in April.

Appealing to customers by focusing on design and development could help Squarespace differentiate their platform from other all-in-one website platforms like Wix, which added Etsy shop integration and email marketing tools in July to appeal to SMBs.

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