Dimension Data Launches New Cloud Services on Single Management Platform

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ICT services and solutions provider Dimension Data announced on Thursday it has launched a comprehensive range of cloud services designed to simplify the process of adopting cloud computing.

Available on a global basis, Dimension Data’s Cloud Services enable companies to “be more agile, lower IT infrastructure management expenses and reduce cloud migration complexity and risk,” according to the press release. The cloud offerings simplify planning, design, deployment and management of private, public and hybrid clouds.

The foundation of these new cloud services center is Dimension Data’s managed cloud platform, a global delivery platform developed in-house, and Dimension Data CloudControl, its cloud management system that automates provisioning, orchestration, administration and billing.

Dimension Data’s Cloud Services being delivered on a single platform is particularly beneficial in that it is  easier and more cost-effective to expand from one cloud model to another as the demands of the business change.

“These set of cloud services are really focused on making it easier for companies to leverage public or private cloud globally,” Keao Caindec, CMO of Dimension Data’s cloud solutions business unit said in a phone interview. “The approach we’ve taken is to build all of our cloud services on a single cloud management platform. If you’re looking to use a public cloud for test and dev, or deploy a private cloud for a handful of workloads or applications that you want to run internally, or if you want to scale up to a full self-service private or hybrid cloud, all of our services are running on the same architecture and the same platform.”

Hosted within a Dimension Data or client data center, the MCP is comprised of cloud infrastructure and Dimension Data CloudControl. The cloud is based on the cloud management system of OpSource, Dimension Data’s wholly-owned enterprise cloud and managed hosting business.

The MCP can be accessed via a web-based user interface or REST-based API, enabling integration of the platform with third-party cloud or enterprise system management software.

Based on the cloud management system of OpSource, Dimension Data’s wholly-owned enterprise cloud and managed hosting business, Dimension Data CloudControl was further developed for use across public and private cloud environments with a common framework for management.

As a single platform for all of Dimension Data’s Cloud Services, clients are able to easily move between public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud models without having to re-architect and re-integrate the underlying infrastructure, saving time and money.

The services include advisory and consulting services to help clients understand cloud readiness, governance, IT optimization.  The data center consolidation and technology architecture enable users to integrate cloud services across traditional on-premise IT systems and private, public or hybrid clouds.

The compute-as-a-service offers virtual servers and storage provided as a service in both public and private environments. These include Dimension Data’s public CaaS, private CaaS, hosted private CaaS, and provider CaaS.

Additionally, the company is offering managed hosting, managed services, advance or value-added cloud services such as back-up and disaster recovery, and application Services.

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