Dimension Data Consolidates Cloud Firms OpSource, BlueFire Under Single Brand

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ICT services and solutions provider Dimension Data announced on Thursday it has consolidated its cloud hosting brands, OpSource and BlueFire, under the Dimension Data brand.

The move is part of Dimension Data’s overall strategy to brings its portfolio of cloud services under a single, global entity.┬áIt is also the latest move by Dimension Data to expand the company’s cloud platform on a global basis.

Earlier this year, Dimension Data expanded its new public managed cloud platforms, its integrated platform for the delivery of cloud services, into the growing cloud markets of Amsterdam and Sydney, as well as launched a comprehensive range of cloud services designed to simplify the process of adopting cloud computing.

Dimension Data acquired OpSource in June 2011, and has since then expanded the company globally, including Amsterdam. In December 2011, Dimension Data purchased BlueFire.

“The combined competencies and capabilities of Dimension Data, OpSource and BlueFire are key differentiators for us. Each bring unique skill sets, business processes and intellectual property, including cloud orchestration, management, and over-the-top services,” said Steve Nola, CEO of Dimension Data’s cloud solutions business unit. “By rebranding OpSource and BlueFire to Dimension Data, we will be able to leverage our collective experience, and our Managed Cloud Platform, CloudControl cloud management system, and public and private cloud service offerings, to execute complex, multi-national cloud projects. In addition, our clients will be able to engage with us seamlessly not only for cloud, but also across our numerous solutions and service offerings. To support our growth plans, we will be adding a significant number of new employees to the Cloud Solutions Business Unit in 2013. We are confident the Dimension Data cloud strategy will continue to accelerate and allow us to become a leader in the computing industry.”

In keeping with its unified cloud services branding, Dimension data will launch its new cloud services website later this month, which will allow businesses to buy any of its cloud computing products and services on demand.

The service will support Dimension Data’s delivery of cloud hosting, cloud storage and cloud networking infrastructure across its various public cloud providers throughout the globe, including the US, The Netherlands, Australia and South Africa. The company will also launch its Hong Kong division in November.

The cloud services website will have 24-hour support via live chat and a sales support staff to aid customers.

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