Dell Says Companies Adopting Cloud and Advanced IT Grow Fifty Percent Faster

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Companies that adopt cloud and related IT technologies achieve much higher growth rates than their competitors, according to research released Tuesday by Dell. Companies adopting cloud, mobility, security, and big data technologies have improvements in efficiencies and organizational growth metrics despite the main barriers of cost and security, according to the Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI) 2015.

Dell’s second annual GTAI report compares the technology adoption and revenue of mid-market based on quantitative surveys completed by 2,900 employees at organizations of between 100 and 5,000 people. It shows that companies which have adopted “on-premises cloud” have 46 percent higher growth rates, and those with “off-premises cloud” have 51 percent higher growth than those without.

Companies using big data experience 50 percent higher growth than those that do not, and mobile applications and BYOD adoption boost growth by 44 and 53 percent, respectively.

“We’re enthused to see more organizations recognizing the strategic importance of technology investments,” said Paul J. Walsh, CIO, Dell. “We believe this new research will help companies see the correlation between technology use and revenue growth, improved efficiencies and organizational growth.”

Security was commonly mentioned by respondents as a barrier to adoption for the second consecutive year, but was joined in 2015 by cost. Almost a third (29 percent) of those currently using big data consider the cost of IT infrastructure a barrier, while security was by far the top reason cited by those few companies without any cloud use at 42 percent.

The survey also found a striking correlation between companies’ IT budgets and security policies, with fewer than one in five organizations with under $100,000 in yearly IT spend having comprehensive security plans, and over half of companies with annual IT budgets below $25,000 having no formal security plans at all.

A report published by Oxford Economics and Windstream in the summer of 2014 indicated that businesses expect major benefits from cloud adoption. A May survey showed legacy IT spend to be a barrier to cloud adoption at UK government organizations.

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