DDoS Attack Hits Australian ISP Cirrus Communications

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Australian wireless broadband provider Cirrus Communications suffered a DDoS attack earlier this week which knocked out half of its network. The attack had been mostly mitigated by Wednesday afternoon local time, but details of the attack continue to be scarce.

The attack was on Cirrus’ core network, rather than peripheral radio equipment, according to The Register.

“We are very close to full recovery. We’ve only got a couple of per cent of the network down at present,” Cirrus CEO Eric Heyde told The Register. “It’s too early to say where the attack came from.”

The company website and Facebook page do not offer a statement or any information on the attack, and details like the duration, size, and type of attack are all unclear.

Cirrus is the largest fixed wireless broadband carrier in Australia, and serves mostly business and government clients.

Large scale DDoS attacks have risen dramatically within the past year, according to a July Arbor Networks report. Mitigation attempts have met with varied success, however, and UltraDNS mitigated an attack on one customer which peaked at well over 200Gbps in a matter of hours in April.

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