Web host Web.com has selected Colo5 Jacksonville data center for disaster recovery and colocation

Data Center Firm Colo5 Provides Web Host Web.com with Disaster Recovery


Web hosting provider Web.com announced on Monday that it will use Colo5 for colocation and disaster recovery services.

This news comes a week after Web.com launched SmartCalls, a customized mobile marketing campaign based on Google AdWords that allows companies to motivate  potential customers to call, click and/or visit their website.

Both service providers are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, according to the press release. While some web hosts choose data centers further away from their headquarters for disaster recovery, Web.com says it chose the location over seven other locations because of its cost effectiveness.

Florida is known for some unpredictable weather but Colo5 says its core infrastructure is rated to withstand hurricane category five forces to ensure reliability during natural disasters. Other data center providers with facilities in Florida include Terremark, and Peak 10, which recently opened its second data center in Fort Lauderdale. 

“As a company in growth mode, building a long-term relationship with a company like Colo5 that demonstrated flexibility and a willingness to adapt as our business needs change was extremely important to us,” Jane Landon, senior vice president and chief technology officer for Web.com said in a statement.

Web.com has nearly three million customers, and since its acquisitions of Register.com in 2010, and Network Solutions in 2011, Web.com has become a provider of domain name registration in addtion to hosting, website design and online marketing services for SMBs.

“We are proud to become an important vendor for Web.com in such a critical part of their business,” Doug Recker, chief executive officer for Colo5 said in a statement. “Colo5 has customized over 3,000 square feet for Web.com’s IT infrastructure in the Jacksonville data center. We have deployed a new technology, cold aisle containment, engineered specifically for Web.com which will reduce cost in cooling. Going forward Colo5 has plans to introduce this technology into the new expansion markets. We have completed over $2 million in upgrades for the power and cooling systems in the Jacksonville data center for Web.com. These upgrades will allow us to extend more power and cooling throughout the facility for existing and new clients.”

Colo5 currently houses clients in industries like retail, banking, managed services, and healthcare.

Talk back: What are some important considerations for you in  selecting a location for disaster recovery and colocation? Do you host any data in Florida? Let us know in a comment.

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  1. Web.com is a great website design company. One of the first to pioneer the databasing of websites. They will only continue to grow and be one of the leaders in the web design world for a long time to come.

  2. We are big fans of Web.com since that was the first website company we ever used.

  3. Interesting article, we love to hear about Web.com's news and updates.