Data Backup and Web Hosting Top Uses for Cloud in Spiceworks Survey

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Of IT professionals using the cloud for backup purposes, 90 percent are backing up data which is essential to daily operations and/or highly confidential, according to Spiceworks study “Look Ma, No Hardware.” For those not adopting cloud backup, bandwidth and security concerns are the main reasons why.

This split in perception is one of a number of takeaways from the Spiceworks survey of 600 IT pros from North American and EMEA.

The survey shows that 70 percent of respondents use the cloud for web hosting, while security cloud adoption is 60 percent and backup trails behind at only 30 percent adoption. However, an additional 13 percent of respondents plan to implement cloud backup within the next 6 months, indicating a strong growth in this area over the immediate short term.

33 percent of respondents have or plan to back up more than a terabyte of data to the cloud, and 49 percent plan to or have already backed up between 75 and 100 percent of their data online.

IT professionals review hosting vendors annually in 70 percent of cases, but 71 percent report being “very” or “extremely” satisfied with their provider, suggesting that the solutions they offer are working well for their clients, and that providers will have to focus on those adopting the cloud for growth much more than luring clients from competition.

“The results of this Spiceworks study reaffirm what we hear every day from our business customers across all industries,” EarthLink executive vice president of sales and marketing Michael D. Toplisek said. “A cloud-based IT infrastructure enables IT leaders to leverage this virtual infrastructure to control numerous applications, extend secure access to employees and satisfy audit requirements.”

Local disaster protection was cited by 84 percent as the greatest benefit from cloud backup solutions.

“No special hardware to maintain” is the main benefit of using a web hosting vendor, and also of using a cloud-based security solution, according to 69 and 76 percent of those surveyed, respectively.

The most popular cloud security service according to the survey is anti-spam, which has a 41 percent adoption rate, followed by content filtering and anti-virus.

A June study by Microsoft identified data security concerns as the main barrier to SMB cloud adoption, and the Spiceworks survey shows that among those yet to adopt cloud backup, security concerns (48 percent) trails only “heavy bandwidth requirements” (59 percent) among concerns, while security is only the fourth concern relating to using  a web hosting vendor, at 30 percent.

A June Spiceworks report focused on productivity management, email, and file-sharing.

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