Czech Startup Launches Low-Price CDN

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A new content delivery network has been launched this week by a Czech startup known as using the OnApp federated CDN for service providers.

OnApp allows CDN customers to federate their own infrastructure with the OnApp federation’s more than 110 worldwide data centers and 2,000 clouds. founder and CEO Adam Dunovsky first had the idea of bringing a simple, flexible and affordable CDN to market while working at the National Gallery in Prague in 2012. The Gallery was developing a new website featuring high-resolution artwork images, which was powered by the Google Art Project platform.

Over the past two years, Dunovsky and a small team worked to create a solution that would allow anyone, not just large institutions, have quick loading static and streaming digital content on their websites and apps. Prior to its’s launch this week, it had been in beta testing for two months. offers pay-as-you-go pricing starting at $25 for 512 GB and customers only pay for the bandwidth they used.

The pricing varies between 4.99¢ per GB for the standard CDN network located in the North America and Europe. Content delivery from Asia costs 11.99¢ per GB, Australia & New Zealand 13.99¢ per GB, South America 16.99¢ per GB, and African 59.99¢ per GB. Premium networks, which offer more exclusive locations, cost 40-66% more than standard, where available.

In comparison, the Amazon Cloudfront CDN is available for 12¢ per GB, and the Speedyrails CDN (which uses the EdgeCast network) charges 15¢ per GB.

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