Cyberattacks on Indian Government Organizations Increased by 136 Percent in 2013: Report

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Cyber threats and attacks in India increased dramatically in 2013; by 136 percent for government organizations and 126 percent for financial services, according to Arbor Networks. The company released a batch of information this week on threats in India from its 9th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report.

The report, which showed that 70 percent of data centers reported DDoS attacks in 2013, also indicates that in India end-users or subscribers were most commonly targeted, followed by financials and ecommerce services.

Thirty-four percent of Indian financials reported cyber threats or attacks in 2013, up from 15 percent the previous year. Government organizations reporting attacks grew from 19 to 43 percent in the same period.

DDoS attacks against mobile networks in India more than doubled in 2013. DDoS attacks have become more common with increasing sizes and a rise in botted hosts.

The potential of the Indian hosting market is vast. According to Manish Dalal, VP of Verisign Asia, only a tiny minority of India’s 47 million SMBs have websites.

Web activity in India is growing, however, with indications like a steep uptick in .org registrations and the expansion to India of HostingCon in partnership with ResellerClub.

Companies seeking to capture part of that market will need to tread carefully given the challenges of network security in India. A Gartner report on top trends in India suggested that new models of data storage and access will be part of the best approach for India.

IBM recently committed to building a data center in India, and EIG moved into the market in a major way with its acquisition of Directi a month ago.

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