cPanel Launches Version 11.32 of Control Panel and Web Host Manager

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Control panel provider cPanel announced on Wednesday that it has launched version 11.32 of its control panel and Web Host Manager solution, which features new updates including enhancements to mail functionality and login screens, support for DKIM, and includes the Logaholic web analytics application.

The company has made many enhancements to the WHM Mail Queue Manager, including the ability to take action on multiple messages of the user’s choice, and to search the mail queue and take action on the results.

The company has also made the process of searching and troubleshooting mail deliveries simpler by adding mail delivery supports for WHM users, and email trace for cPanel and webmail users.

cPanel & WHM users will also see an improved localized login page which features an updated design and localization options. The login page will default to the language used by the visitor’s browser when loaded.

Additionally, cPanel & WHM now supports 14 languages for the login interface, and users may choose which language cPanel or WHM should use.

Though DKIM has long provided validation for incoming mail, version 11.32 is now officially supported and can be managed by cPanel accounts through the email authentication feature in cPanel. Resellers can apply DKIM records to new accounts during account creation.

“We are proud to get DKIM integrated into the product. This is something the customers asked for and we listened,” said cPanel and WHM project manager Ken Power.

The Logaholic web analytics bundle is now officially available to cPanel users with the 11.32 release. Other notable updates include improved Email Rate Limiting, new Exim configuration editor, improved cPanel::Hooks system, support for MySQL 5.5 and MyDNS-NG, better management of files through the cPanel file manager interface, IPv6 Support in Apache Distiller, and reduced memory overhead for cphulk, cpsrvd, and cpdavd when idle.

CPanel has posted a full set release notes on WHM 11.32 on its website.

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