cPanel Launches cPanel/WHM 11.25 Edge

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Web hosting control panel provider cPanel ( has added to the ease of use and reliability of its Linux-based control panel, cPanel/WHM, with the “Edge” release of version 11.25. 

According to cPanel’s Tuesday announcement, cPanel/WHM has been released as an EDGE build, meaning that it features the latest features and technology, however, lacking comprehensive testing, the Edge build is not recommended for running on a production web server.

The latest cPanel/WHM release features usability enhancements such as quicker mobile device access due to fewer authentication requests from the server and near real-time email delivery with its IMAP IDLE support for mobile devices. It has also streamlined cPanel interfaces, such as email accounts and MX Entry, and overhauled its language system, providing greater accuracy and language compatibility with less memory consumption.

cPanel has also added security features including session tokens and blank referer checks that help prevent cross-site request forgery. cPanel has also bolstered its cPHulk utility, which combating “brute force” server attacks, making it more responsive to attempted Denial of Service attacks, offering faster notification of malicious users.

cPanel/WHM 11.25 is also a lighter and faster control panel, featuring lower memory consumption during synchronization of domain name server clusters, as well as quicker restart processes for both the Apache web server and the BIND nameserver. 

According to cPanel’s four build categories, Version 11.25 will develop into a “Current” build, which is more mature and tested than Edge, then it will become a “release,” the preferred build for a production server, generally featuring the latest fixes and new features. Finally, it will be deemed “Stable,” a category for conservative web hosts who do not wish to run the latest release.

Version 11.25 also marks the end of cPanel’s support for the x and x2 themes. During installation of 11.25, users of the x and x2 themes will automatically be switched to the up-to-date x3 theme, which uses the x branding package.

cPanel has released technical details for cPanel/WHM 11.25 in a 27 page PDF available online.

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