cPanel Acquires Web Host Siteocity for Real-World Product Testing

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Web hosting control panel developer cPanel announced on Tuesday that its subsidiary Hostbed has acquired web hosting provider The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

This news comes less than a week after cPanel launched version 11.32 of its control panel and web host manager solution.

According to the announcement, the acquisition will provide cPanel with a direct platform for real-world testing of its products. will continue to operate under its current name.

Smaller web hosting providers are often acquired by larger hosting companies or telecoms, but this acquisition illustrates a different type of acquisition that small hosting providers can seek out. It appears that Siteocity will continue operating the way it does, but will have more resources in terms of the offerings cPanel will test out on its existing customer base. While cPanel does not intend to purchase other web hosts, other companies may use this same model to test out new products.

cPanel says it does not intend to become a major player in the web hosting industry (it’s operating at a net loss) but it will use this acquisition to harness data and analytics from Siteocity to make their product better. cPanel says it will be able to gain a lot more information that previously was impossible to gather.

According to the press release, cPanel spent more than a year looking for the perfect company that met its criteria of more than three years of ongoing service, 100 percent cPanel and WHM infrastructure, roughly one thousand customers and no dedicated nor VPS plans.

“With the acquisition cPanel will be able to gain a deeper understanding of how website owners use cPanel’s software,” Aaron Phillips, cPanel’s vice president of operations said in a statement. “This will be accomplished by having direct access to live server data, help desk tickets, and hosting company feedback. We are looking for real world testing of installation, configuration compatibility, and reliability.”

“By running we hope to achieve a deeper connection to the hosting industry as a whole,” Phillips said. “We are certainly not operating in order to compete with our customers. Ultimately, cPanel customers will get a stronger, more reliable product.”

cPanel says its goal is to have deeper analytics into how its software is used, and have direct access to data that will help make its product better.


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  1. Carbonsi

    cPanel has already got very good name in the hosting business and now this acquisition will give them more opportunity in the field of hosting services.