Comcast Xfinity Cable Outage Affects Customers During Sunday Night Football

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Users of Comcast Xfinity cloud-based technology began flocking to Twitter to report outages on Sunday. Customers reported losing service using the hashtag #comcastoutage.

The last update 22 hours ago on the Comcast Twitter account @comcastcares suggests customers reboot their X1 unit to restore service. Customers on Twitter are reporting various success with this method.

Last month Comcast reported that it has issued about five million of the Xfinity boxes that feature an IP-capable, cloud-based interface. It’s unclear how many of these customers were affected.According to, the Comcast Xfinity outage was affecting customers nationwide but was more concentrated on the east coast. Outage numbers have been falling the last 24 hours but as of 9 am there were still 60 reports.

The WHIR contacted Comcast for comment and was referred to a report by Multichannel news. According to the report, “Comcast said temporary connectivity issues between set-tops and data centers that surfaced over the weekend were partly to blame for outages that affected a portion of the MSO’s X1 video customers, noting that a box reboot should fix the issue for most.”

#comcastoutage twitter complaints

#comcastoutage twitter complaints

Comcast told the Consumerist on Monday, “We are aware of outage issues that impacted some X1 customers this weekend. While service has been restored for most, those who are still experiencing problems will be able to resolve the issue by performing a simple reboot (hold down the green power button on the front of the box for 30 seconds). We know our customers value their TV experience and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

Consistent with other outages at HostGator and 24/7 Hosting, customers biggest complaints on Twitter and reddit are regarding the lack of clear communication by the company and extraordinarily long hold times and/or inability to reach customer support.

When working properly, the Xfinity DVR service promises customers “the fastest speeds” for streaming HD movies and TV shows, downloading music and games online.

Late last week the company announced a partnership with the UPS store to offer free and easy returns for Xfinity customers. Equipment can be dropped off as is at any UPS store to be returned and shipped back to Comcast.

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