Comcast Resets 200,000 Customer Email Passwords That Were For Sale on Dark Web

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Comcast has reset email passwords for around 200,000 customer accounts after a database including information from 590,000 accounts was offered up for sale on the Dark Web.

Out of the 590,000 included in the database, only 200,000 were active, according to a report by CSO Online, which means they could have been recycled information.

Comcast obtained a copy of the list and was checking records against its current customer base. The company will reach out to affected customers on a case-by-case basis.

The Dark Web has all sorts of things for sale that prove useful for cybercriminals. Earlier this year a report by Websense found that there are three times the number of exploit kits being purchased from 2013, giving criminals without the skills access to tools that can wreck havoc on organizations and individuals.

The seller of the Comcast databases was offering 100,000 accounts for $300 US, or $1,000 US for the entire list.

Comcast told CSO Online that none of its systems or apps had been compromised.

An annual report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) found that Comcast is among companies doing a good job adopting policies in defense of user rights. Comcast improved its ranking over the previous year’s report.

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