.COM Domains Remain Strong as New gTLDs Command Significant Market Value: Sedo Report

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Since the new gTLDs started to become available in January, Sedo reports that the highest public sale of a new gTLD domain on its marketplace was eat.club, which sold for $20,000. Despite the excitement around new gTLDs, .com still remains the most popular TLD on its marketplace, accounting for more than half (55 percent) of all sales.

Sedo released its First Half 2014 Domain Market Study on Thursday, which looks at the trends in its marketplace. During the first half of 2014, Sedo was behind more than 16,000 transactions worth a total of $35.9 million in sales.

For the first time, the report looks at some of the new gTLD trends. More than 300 new gTLDs have launched this year and domains representing 38 of them have been traded on Sedo’s marketplace. The highest private sale of a new gTLD exceeded $100,000.

Eat.club was the top public sale for new gTLDs, while jobboerse.berlin and print.club rounded out the top three new gTLD public sales. As Germany is one of Sedo’s largest markets, it makes sense that a .berlin domain was one of the top sales. A report earlier this year from Sedo said that the US was falling behind in terms of new gTLD awareness, suggesting that more education was needed.

“It’s exciting to finally start seeing new TLDs being traded and already commanding significant market value,” Sedo CEO Tobias Flaitz said. “Even with this influx of new extensions, we’ve always predicted that .com domains would remain strong and the market is beginning to reflect that. We’re still early in this process and new TLDs are definitely being adopted at a much slower pace than many in the market predicted. There’s still a big need to better educate businesses and the public about the benefits of these new TLDs, and it will take some time until they’re being used by brands and corporations. But once that happens, we’ll see positive impacts for the domain industry.”

Sedo has seen the mean average sales price of domains increase 17 percent year-over-year to $2,214 in the first half of 2014, while the median price rose 7 percent to $616.

The mean price for a .com domain reached $2,807 – an all-time high for the popular domain extension. Last year, the mean price for a .com domain reached $2,235.

According to Sedo, the top three public .com domain sales for the year were mm.com for $1.2 million, true.com for $350,000 and malls.com for $320,000.

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