Colocation Firm Internap Achieves LEED Gold Certification for Dallas Data Center

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Colocation provider Internap Network Services announced on Wednesday that its Dallas data center has been awarded LEED Gold certification by the US Green Building Council.

The certification news comes a few weeks after The Green Building Initiative published a case study which documented Internap Network Services’ Santa Clara data center receiving two Green Globes certifications last year.

US GBC’s Gold certification is given for buildings that are designed and constructed with sustainable concepts and practices that substantially reduce the building’s impact on the environment as compared to other, similar facilities.

Internap’s Dallas data center also became the first commercial data center in Texas to achieve the Green Building Initiative’s Green Globe certification in February 2012.

In December 2011, Internap opened the doors to the 55,000-square-foot data center, located in Plano, Texas.

The data center provides IT Infrastructure services including managed, dedicated and cloud hosting, colocation and a global, performance-optimized IP network, all backed by a 100 percent uptime service level agreement.

In addition to LEED and Green Globe certifications, Internap is working toward Energy Star certification at its Dallas data center.

Internap was able to achieve LEED Gold certification at its Dallas facility based on a handful of technologies and best practices. First off, the data center’s water conservation process enables Internap to reduce potable water use to nearly 40 percent below the recognized ASHRAE standard.

The facility also has a remarkably high energy efficiency rate with more than 90 percent of Internap’s appliances, computers, monitors and printers being Energy Star compliant. As a result, it has a lighting power reduction of 27 percent below the recognized ASHRAE standard.

Internap also maintains improved indoor air quality by using low-emitting materials throughout the construction of the facility, as well as green housekeeping and green pest control services.

The colocation company provides public transit opportunities to its employees and clients, which helps to reduce air pollution and dependence on foreign oil by reducing the use of fossil fuels in cars.

By using an existing building, Internap used the embodied energy of the materials in place, reducing the energy required to dispose of, manufacture, transport and assemble a new facility.

Finally, nearly 20 percent of the new building materials used in renovations were manufactured with recycled materials, and Internap was able to avoid sending almost 85 percent of its overall construction waste to landfills.

“With energy costs and carbon emissions on the rise, the demand for green computing practices continues to grow. Internap is committed to green data center design – wherever possible, we employ building practices that maximize energy efficiency and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and other natural resources in our facilities,” said Randy Ortiz, vice president of data center design and engineering at Internap. “Our achievement of LEED Gold and Green Globe certifications at this facility will assure customers that we have employed advanced steps to reduce our carbon footprint and boost efficiencies for power usage and cooling for their ultimate benefit.”

Internap’s Santa Clara, California data center is also LEED certified and was the first commercial data center in the US to achieve GBI’s Green Globe certification.

Talk back: Do you currently own a LEED certified data center? What green best practices and technologies are you implementing at your data enter/hosting operations? Let us know in the comments.

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