Cogent Offers Managed Security Services

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December 16, 2004 — Internet service provider Cogent Communications ( announced on Wednesday that it is offering two levels of managed security services for current and future dedicated Internet access customers. Cogent said it will offer the service, designed to protect against security breaches and viruses, through an agreement with Tekmark Global Solutions (

“A trusted partner, TGS will provide the expertise and hands-on management skills necessary to run what will operate very much like a division of Cogent Communications,” says Dave Schaeffer, CEO of Cogent. “This will enable Cogent to remain focused on its core competency, which is Internet connectivity and transport services, and let us provide business customers with a level of security that will safeguard them against external threats that present themselves all too often in the business community.”

Two levels of service, targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, are available. The Advanced level service, priced at $199 per month, comes with a SonicWALL firewall, VPN remote client licenses, online support and customer reporting. The Premium level service, priced at $259 per month, includes everything that comes with the Advanced service, in addition to content filtering and desktop anti-virus services.

The service will be available to Cogent’s SME business customers, in Canada and the US, who connect at speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

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