Codero Extends Hosting Solutions to Underserved US Markets

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Codero’s recent acquisition by 32 regional telecom and broadband providers is giving the company a new hosting niche in rural and regional markets. With the backing of the consortium that bought it in 2015, Codero has extended its hosting infrastructure and solutions to underserved markets across the US to offer hosting services locally, the company announced Thursday.

Integrating with its investors opens up a market of 350,000 business customers, Codero says. The company is also providing hosting and cloud services to its consortium partners as an extension of their core offerings.

Codero recently migrated Dakota Carrier Network (DCN) customer Vault 1440, which provides backup and recovery solutions, from a traditional colocation to Codero hosting. The partners themselves are also leveraging Codero’s offerings. Skyline Membership Corporation, a telecom cooperative in Western North Carolina, is now using Codero’s cloud to host its network monitoring application, giving it a routing perspective that allows it to improve customer experience.

“By collaborating with our new investors, we successfully tackled the previously daunting challenges of accessing and delivering cutting-edge IT services and solutions to businesses in rural and regional markets across the country,” Emil Sayegh, Chairman and CEO of Codero Hosting said in a statement. “Through intensive training and the integration of our products with those of our investors, we are well ahead of schedule in delivering technology expertise and customized hosting services for millions of customers across the country that would otherwise be missed. We are proud to be an essential resource for our partners to approach all things cloud and deliver these solutions closer to the ‘edge’.”

The company says it will create a footprint in DCN’s data center this quarter to serve the Dakotas.

Local hosting demand in the rural US may increase with initiatives like an annual $175 million grant won by Windstream Communications last year to deliver broadband access to rural households.

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