Cloudyn’s Cost Allocation Tool Breaks Down the Costs of Cloud Services Within Organizations

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Cloud monitoring and optimization software provider Cloudyn has launched Cost Allocation 360°, a tool that helps organizations manage their multi-cloud deployments and costs across different cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and Google Cloud Engine.

Cloudyn’s new tool automatically discovers a company’s cloud deployments and analyses how each resource is allocated by tagging algorithms that give organizations a very specific breakdown on how much individual business units spend on their cloud infrastructure.

Cost Allocation 360° “provides a business view of the cloud consumption and costs,” Cloudyn CEO Sharon Wagner told the WHIR. “If you take a look at your Amazon bill or your Google bill, the line item in the bill are going to be technical items… which basically mean nothing for financial people. The way they want to see thing, the way they want to understand the ‘bill of cloud’ is in business terms and business units, departments, regions, campaigns, individual users.”

Around half of all cloud resources go uncategorized or are improperly tagged or allocated. Therefore, business and financial managers do not know the true cost of their cloud activities, making business decisions based on partial information.

Wagner continued, “We [also] do one more thing that nobody is doing today, which is uncover hidden resources that are not in use and they are somewhere in a garbage collector. These are resources that are currently not in use, and typically not allocated to any of the business units.”

Cost Allocation 360° is not only intended to be used directly by enterprises but it’s also part of the Cloudyn MSP toolkit for managed service providers. “For MSPs, we have not only the tools that allow them to manage their client consumption; some MSPs have become brokers – they aggregate all the capacity from all the different clients they have,” Wagner said. These MSPs are able to negotiate with a cloud provider for volume-based discounts or simply purchase reserved instances and charge clients the higher “on-demand” prices.

Cloudyn MSP helps these MSPs maintain healthy profit margins. “It tells the MSP exactly how much capacity they have to buy, when, from whom and how to distribute the reserve capacity across clients. And whenever capacity across clients is decreasing, we will alert the MSP, and they will know to take the capacity that is not in use and allocate it back to other clients.”

Founded in 2011, Cloudyn has become known as a leader in cloud monitoring and optimization, which helps around 2,400 customers make the most out of their cloud services. Its largest customer segment uses AWS, and the company estimates that it monitors around 10 percent of Amazon’s entire worldwide capacity daily.

Aside from AWS, Cloudyn customers use Azure, Google, and OpenStack most often among its supported cloud platforms, and the company expects to add support for VMware in 2015.

Cost Allocation 360° is immediately available as a free trial for a limited time, and final pricing will be subsequently announced.

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