CloudStack 4.0 Open Source Cloud Software Released as Apache Incubator Project

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The open source cloud orchestration software project CloudStack released its 4.0 version this week, its first release as part of the Apache Software Foundation, introducing a range of new functions and features, including greater support for the Amazon Web Services API.

The latest version of CoudStack also includes updates focused around virtual networking functions, including integration for the Nicira network virtualization platform. It also includes support for the Ceph Rados Block Device, site-to-site VPN, Inter-VLAN routing and local storage for data volumes. The full CloudStack 4.0 release notes are available at the Apache Software Foundation blog.

Open source technology has been a big driver in the development of the cloud, with the cloud platform software OpenStack, in particular, getting a lot of attention. But CloudStack has been a hot topic as well, developed out of the acquisition, by Citrix, of cloud computing software company

Citrix made headlines earlier this year when it announced that it was backing away from OpenStack (it was a founding member), contributed the CloudStack code to the Apache Software Foundation and embraced the AWS APIs.

CloudStack version 4.0 is released by the Apache Software Foundation as an “incubator project,” rather than a full Apache project, a designation assigned to stable, established projects like the Apache web server and Hadoop. CloudStack would need a few more releases under its belt before it reaches that point, but the project is starting from a position of strength, since it’s based on existing code from Citrix.

Like OpenStack, CloudStack is in production at hosting providers. Managed hosting provider Datapipe launched a cloud hosting service based on CloudStack in july. Datapipe also offers an interesting “managed cloud” product in partnership with Amazon Web Services.

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