CloudSigma Offers Black Lotus DDoS Mitigation to Cloud Hosting Customers

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Infrastructure-as-a-service provider CloudSigma has partnered with Black Lotus, a provider of Distributed Denial of Service mitigation, to provide customers of CloudSigma’s public cloud service with enhanced protection from DDoS attacks.

According to a report from the SANS Institute (PDF), nearly 40 percent of enterprises are unprepared for DDoS attacks, which flood a target website or service with phoney server requests, making it difficult for legitimate users to get through. Attacks can be waged by corporate competitors or ideological groups to disrupt or censor specific servers. Attacks – whether short or prolonged – can have a detrimental impact on organizations and result in lost revenue for businesses.

Black Lotus provides hands-on protection to manage attacks and it can be customized to suit specific environments, as opposed to one-size-fits-all, automated DDoS mitigation offerings. According to its announcement this week, Black Lotus DDoS protection solution is immediately available to CloudSigma customers, and is delivered through all its cloud locations: San Jose, Washington D.C., Miami, Honolulu, and Zurich.

“Our partnership with Black Lotus enhances our existing core infrastructure DDoS protection with a more user-focused, customizable service,” CloudSigma CEO Robert Jenkins said in a statement. “It will also complement our firewall policies for greater security in general, giving our customers a more seamless, protected experience in our cloud.”

According to research from Incapsula presented at a WHIR webinar next week, DDoS attacks are on the rise with 240 percent growth from 2013 to 2014, and are growing in size with over a third of all attacks exceeding 20 Gbps.

Sony and tech news website The Register have been among the recent online properties to fall victim to DDoS attacks. Notable DDoS attacks have also targeted web hosting providers including Linode, New Zealand ISP Spark, and Australian ISP Cirrus Communications.

Partnerships between a hosting provider and a third-party security provider, like in the case of CloudSigma and Black Lotus, are not uncommon. For instance, SingleHop recently launched its Enterprise On Demand Technology Partner Program which allows its enterprise customers to use Alert Logic and Radware security as part of their SingleHop hosting.


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