CloudSigma Launches SLA-backed Distributed SSD Storage Solution

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Cloud infrastructure as a service provider CloudSigma announced at Interop Las Vegas on Tuesday it has launched SigSTORE, a SLA-backed distributed SSD storage solution, for its public cloud IaaS offering.

SSD storage provides higher I/O rates and access times that cannot be achieved with disk-based systems, providing web hosting companies with faster loading times and database queries. This is a great differentiator that can help hosting companies attract new business and translate to greater revenue.

SigSTORE is sold as a utility service, unbundled from other resources, including RAM and CPU. As a result, companies can  purchase gigabytes and IOPS in terms of minimum performance levels without running into issues of over- or under-provisioning.

“The performance, cost and reliability of cloud storage solutions have historically been major barriers to companies’ cloud adoption,” said Robert Jenkins, CloudSigma CTO. “With SigSTORE, we are removing these concerns and enabling companies to realize the flexibility, scalability and cost-savings benefits of a public cloud environment while ensuring the performance and reliability of the storage for their critical systems and applications. No one else in the public cloud space is offering a distributed SSD storage solution like this, let alone with an associated performance and availability SLA. It is a truly innovative product that will increase the rate of cloud adoption among enterprises.”

There are a handful of hosting companies that have launched their own SSD storage solutions over the past year, including LiquidWeb and FireHost.

Each SigSTORE SSD drive includes up to 2 terabytes of space and has the ability to set minimum guaranteed IOPS on an individual, drive by drive basis.

Companies using CloudSigma’s IaaS platform can ensure they have affordable and flexible storage resources for any business scenario or critical application.

Most magnetic-based storage systems are not suited for the randomized, multi-tenant access of a public cloud and cannot keep up with such requirements, which can lead to massive performance bottlenecks.

SigSTORE successfully resolves these issues with its high-performance capabilities and unprecedented availability and reliability. It’s priced at less than half the cost of traditional magnetic-based storage solutions.

Additionally, CloudSigma claims that it is offering the “industry’s first cloud-based storage SLA,” which alleviates cloud storage concerns of performance and cost.

CloudSigma provides enterprise-class cloud servers and cloud hosting solutions in Europe and the US.

Talk back: Is I/O performance an important requirement for either your virtual or dedicated customers? Do you think SSD storage is something your customers would find attractive? Will CloudSigma’s SLA for its SSD storage solution entice you to try it out? Let us know in the comments section.

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