CloudFlare Buys Malware Scanning Service StopTheHacker

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Content delivery network and website security provider CloudFlare has acquired anti-malware firm StopTheHacker, which will help CloudFlare disinfect new customers and ensure its network remains free of malware.

StopTheHacker was actually available through the CloudFlare Apps Marketplace for the past two years and was a customer favorite. According to a blog post by CloudFlare co-founder and CEO Matthew Prince, StopTheHacker had the best malware scanning ability in the industry. Instead of the two companies simply extending their partnership, Prince wrote that an acquisition could provide “substantial synergies from the two companies becoming one.”

It will allow CloudFlare to perform more frequent and thorough scans of customer networks to find malware that escapes detection of current generation anti-malware scanning services. Eventually, CloudFlare and StopTheHacker will be able to immediately remediate malware and vulnerabilities with instant patching services that clean up infections and eliminate vulnerabilities.

CloudFlare hopes to tackle both sides of the malware problem: helping businesses targeted by Distributed Denial of Service attacks and other security threats, and making sure that its own network isn’t contributing to these malicious efforts. It was, for instance, recently found that many online criminals are using cloud providers and mainstream web hosting services to host and distribute malware.

Prince wrote, “[W]e believe large networks like CloudFlare have a duty to ensure they are not being used to spread malware. When networks get to a certain scale they inevitably need to focus on proactively dealing with this challenge.”

CloudFlare is only the latest company to buy an anti-malware company. In 2012, Google acquired VirusTotal, and Twitter acquired Dasient.

The financial figures of StopTheHacker’s acquisition were not disclosed.

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  1. The guys at CloudFlare do a great job with CDN / DDoS security. They are a well funded company (182 MM$ according to and they use their cash well. I've been a CF customer for over 4 years and I have seen them improving their products over time. They are customer focused, with a solid offering and great support. Not surprised that they integrated this acquisition into their tools.