Cloudbees Drops Runtime PaaS to Focus on Continuous Integration Software Jenkins

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Cloudbees is no longer offering runtime PaaS, and instead is now exclusively focused on Jenkins, an open source continuous integration server. The company rebranded itself as “The Enterprise Jenkins Company” and announced a partnership with Pivotal Software on Thursday.

Cloudbees says the shift is motivated by surging enterprise demand for continuous integration and delivery tool Jenkins. ZDNet reports that closing its runtime platform RUN@cloud will affect between 300 and 500 customers.

Pivotal CF is the leading Cloud Foundry-based enterprise PaaS, according to Cloudbees, and the new Jenkins Enterprise by Cloudbees solution will be available as an add-on from Pivotal CF later this year. Cloudbees will provide a set of enterprise Jenkins plugins and technical support to improve the open-source Java tool’s functionality for DevOps.

“I’m excited to hear of CloudBees’ even stronger focus on Jenkins – Kohsuke and his team of engineers at CloudBees have already made immense contributions to the maturity and functionality of the Jenkins project and ecosystem, and I can only see this continuing and growing now,” Andrew Bayer, build and tools architect at Cloudera, Jenkins governance board member and member of the Apache Software Foundation said. “No one’s got more expertise in the Jenkins and continuous delivery space than CloudBees, and it shows through their work both on the open source Jenkins core and plugins and CloudBees’ enterprise offerings.”

With over 85,000 installations in use globally, Cloudbees call Jenkins the “clear leader” in the growing continuous delivery market.

Cloudbees integrated its platform with Cloud Foundry in early 2013, and raised over $11 million in Series C funding in March after releasing its PaaS offering to Verizon Cloud.

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  1. I would echo Andrew's comments. Jenkins is great technology that for example serves as CI/CD foundation of WSO2 App Cloud: - that we recently launched. Sacha is a true visionary and the company's focus on Jenkins is a good news for CloudBees and the industry.