.Cloud Surpasses 30K Registrations in First Week

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The .cloud new top level domain, released to general availability last Tuesday, has reached more than 30,000 registrations in its first week.

The Italian registry has been attracting international attention for .cloud, who on day 1 had received orders from 141 countries, with the US, Italy and Germany in the top 3.

According to .cloud Head of Registry Operations Francesco Cetraro, Tucows, GoDaddy, Name.com, United Domains and 1&1 were the best performing registrars so far. .Cloud domains are around $20-25 US, but there are numerous premium domains as well, some of which will be up for auction next month at WHD.global.

Cetraro tells the WHIR in an email that the company knew “.cloud was one of the most eagerly awaited TLDs on the market, so [it] had high expectations” and is happy to see its hard work pay off. After its first hours peak with the pre-registration pre-orders coming in, he said the level of incoming orders remains “quite high”.

The US, Germany and Italy are the top three countries (Source: .cloud)

The US, Germany and Italy are the top three countries so far (Source: .cloud)

“It is a good domain, but we also made sure to keep it simple to register and affordable, worked really hard preparing the Registrar channel, and spent a lot of time on our Pioneer program, which was well balanced with many big names like ePages and Odin alongside cool startups like Cloudesire and FoodCloud,” he said, noting that the best way to sell domains is to offer a clear understanding and examples on creative ways to use them.

Richard Stevenson, Head of Corporate Communications for ePages said in a statement: “ePages’ mission is to deliver best in breed e-commerce cloud services, and the values of cloud are within our DNA. Our portal explores how merchants’ success is driven every day by the power, resilience and efficiencies of cloud-based software-as-a-service ¬ no other TLD could have captured this better, or delivered more engagement.”

Are you planning on registering a .cloud domain? Or are you offering customers the TLD? Let us know in a comment.

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  1. Vijay

    Hi Whir team, Yes i purchased few .Cloud domains to sell to end users or auction it. Need your suggestion, following are the .cloud domains that i own : Balloon.Cloud Across.Cloud Carrier.Cloud Monetize.Cloud Accelerate.Cloud Enhance.Cloud Establish.Cloud ActiveDirectory.Cloud BreakThrough.Cloud lob.cloud odc.cloud dcp.cloud acaas.cloud pstn.cloud pri.cloud hpbx.cloud