Box has added more features to help it compete with other enterprise cloud storage providers

Cloud Storage Provider Box Adds More Mobile Security Features

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Enterprise cloud storage provider Box unveiled some new features on Thursday, including more mobile security features for Android, and centralized management view for IT admins.

This news comes two days after Box suffered a two hour outage where users could not access their stored documents. According to a report on GigaOM, even minor access problems are concerning for a cloud storage provider positioning itself as an option for the enterprise – a sector that demands high availability of cloud, and is already skeptical of cloud storage reliability.

While this is bad news for Box and its users, cloud storage providers and web hosts providing cloud storage as a value-add could leverage this in selling cloud storage to their customers by touting it as a more secure and reliable option.

“Downtime in the cloud is frankly something that every company fears, and no one is fully immune to,” Vineet Jain, CEO Egnyte said in an email to the WHIR. “It also happens to be why smart companies, and especially larger enterprises, are looking to hybrid cloud solutions to leverage their bets with a behind the firewall insurance policy. Cloud only plays are really a consumer strategy, and as many of the analysts and industry luminaries have concurred (including us), hybrid cloud is the only strategy for a business that wants to keep their workers working all the time.”

According to the press release, Box currently has more than 11 million users, 120,000 of which are business. Netflix, Stanford University and MGM Resorts International are some of its big customers.

Some of the new features added to Box include improved search and management that allows admins to search files across their organization from a single console. This feature is currently in public beta.

Box enhanced its mobile security for Android, and will soon deploy the same upgrades to iOS. As part of the updates, IT admins can apply passcode locks and enhanced permissions for offline file access across its mobile apps.

Admins can now provision Box accounts for more than one managed domain, and log Box activities with their existing monitoring systems to support business compliance.

“Enterprises are realizing transformative gains by adopting the cloud, but there is a need for technology that provides deeper visibility, control and data security,” Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box said in a statement. “That’s what today’s news is all about: giving IT enterprise-wide visibility into the critical content that powers their businesses. Box will continue to build management features that all our customers — from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies — require to be successful.”

Box has added a new Enterprise Licensing Agreement for new and existing customers deploying Box to their entire organization and offers organizations predictable pricing over the lifetime of a multi-year contract.

These updates come a few weeks after Google launched its cloud storage service Drive.

On Thursday, Cloud Provider USA launched its SSD cloud storage solution.

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