Cloud Startup DigitalOcean Expands in Europe through Amsterdam Data Center

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Cloud infrastructure company DigitalOcean announced on Monday that it has opened its new Amsterdam data center, located in a TelecityGroup facility.

The AMS2 data center will offer DigitalOcean expanded server capacity in Europe, and adds shared private networking, a feature that was only available in its NYC2 data center until today.

With Shared Private Networking, users can set up file storage, database replication, and other features across a private network. The traffic in the private network does not count towards the bandwidth cost in user’s account. DigitalOcean plans to add graphs to manage private networking usage soon.

DigitalOcean said it is looking at expanding in locations around the world, including the UK. It will focus on adding more capacity through Europe, as evidenced through the Amsterdam data center expansion. Currently, DigitalOcean has data centers in NYC, San Francisco and Amsterdam.

DigitalOcean has focused on serving developers by providing an easy to use cloud infrastructure, and has seen tremendous growth. For example, between December 2012 and June 2013, its number of web-facing servers grew 50 times over, growing faster than any company other than Amazon, Alibaba, and Hetzner. In June 2013, it became the world’s 72nd largest hosting provider based on web-facing servers.

By expanding in Europe, and offering a private networking feature, DigitalOcean will be in a better position to compete with other international cloud providers such as AWS.

Recently, DigitalOcean named former Makerbot VP of finance Larry White to lead finance at DigitalOcean. 

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