Cloud Software Firm Piston to Run Cloud Foundry PaaS on OpenStack

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Enterprise OpenStack company Piston Cloud Computing announced on Monday it has launched a new community open source project to allow VMware‘s Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service to run on OpenStack.

The partnership shows how open source platforms like OpenStack and Cloud Foundry can be seamlessly stacked on top of one another to provide more flexibility for cloud providers.

The open source project will benefit both OpenStack and Cloud Foundry communities, extending Cloud Foundry’s reach to Piston’s ecosystem of public and private OpenStack deployments.

In a recent WHIR feature, I took a look at how open source communities like OpenStack are impacting cloud computing.

The Piston Cloud development team is working with VMware Cloud Foundry engineering team to develop the Cloud Provider Interface that integrates OpenStack cloud infrastructure with Cloud Foundry.

The company will distribute and support this new integrated capability in a future release of Piston Enterprise OS, as well as submit the project to the OpenStack satellite ecosystem for future consideration as an OpenStack incubation project.

The integration takes advantage of Cloud Foundry BOSH, the recently announced open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and life cycle management of large scale instances of Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry BOSH defines a Cloud Provider Interface API that enables PaaS deployment across multiple cloud providers, such as VMWare’s vSphere and AWS.

Using a cloud-services client written in Ruby, the OpenStack CPI manages the deployment of a set of virtual machines and enables applications to be deployed dynamically using Cloud Foundry.

Customers of any OpenStack cloud will be able to use Cloud Foundry to accelerate development of cloud applications and drive value by working against a common service API.

“Today’s private cloud solutions are poised to transform IT economics for the enterprise,” said Joshua McKenty, CEO and co-founder of Piston Cloud Computing. “With our joint commitment to open source development, VMware and Piston Cloud are driving this transformation forward.”

VMware recently announced that Cloud Foundry has made several new partnerships, introduced a new system for managing open source software contributions, added new tools for operating large-scale services, and many other multi-cloud deployment choices.

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