Cloud Security Company BeyondTrust Acquires eEye Digital Security

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Cloud security management provider BeyondTrust announced on Thursday it has acquired vulnerability management solution providers eEye Digital Security. The press release did not disclose the terms of the agreement.

Combined, the companies will “offer the market’s most comprehensive solution for intelligent, context-driven security and compliance.”

BeyondTrust said it plans to integrate eEye’s Retina CS vulnerability management and analytics solutions with the PowerBroker family of products to deliver the market’s “first truly context-driven security and compliance solutions.”

The acquisition will add to BeyondTrust portfolio of security solutions, which offer consistent policy-driven, role-based access control, monitoring, logging, and reporting to protect.

“Attacks today are more sophisticated than ever, with client-side attacks becoming the most prevalent method of entry, leveraging known vulnerabilities and exploiting users’ rights and privileges to pilfer sensitive data from enterprises,” said John Mutch, CEO at BeyondTrust. “Through the acquisition of eEye, BeyondTrust will deliver unmatched solutions to protect against both internal and external threats, spanning data and endpoint protection, rights management and vulnerability management. The result is a more cost-effective way to operate secure networks and satisfy governance initiatives.”

Customers will see immediate benefits from dynamic privilege-use policies tied to asset risk and application exposure.

eEye Digital Security offers enterprise software, appliances and services to help organizations protect their assets – including mobile, virtual and those in the cloud – from online threats.

The company’s Retina CS technology provides security intelligence which prioritizes vulnerabilities and threats, as well as remediation to protect against critical threats.

Both companies are deployed in high-profile environments, with more than half of the companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average relying on BeyondTrust to secure their enterprises while eEye has been selected by the Department of Defense for eight consecutive years to protect the critical networks of the armed services.

A recent report by FireHost showed that of the 19 million attacks it blocked, 15 million attacks originated from the US, 1.4 million came from South Asia, and 1.3 million came from Europe.

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