Tier 3 has added Web Fabric and Data Fabric to its cloud services

Cloud Provider Tier 3 Adds Platform as a Service, Database as a Service

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Cloud platform provider Tier 3 announced on Tuesday that it has added new features to its Tier 3 Enterprise Cloud Platform including platform-as-a-service Web Fabric and database-as-a-service Data Fabric.

This announcement comes a month after Equinix announced that it partnered with Tier 3 to allow enterprise customers to access cloud services on the Tier 3 IaaS platform.

Web hosts and data center providers that partner to offer Tier 3’s VMware vCloud Powered cloud hosting will now be able to extend the offering to PaaS and DBaaS. Tier 3 says its new services will allow the acceleration of application development and delivery of critical legacy business systems.

Tier 3’s Web Fabric allows businesses to gain the application development and deployment agility of cloud-based on-demand runtime environments.

According to the press release, the Tier 3 web fabric is multi-language, and allows users to leverage Cloud Foundry and Iron Foundry to support a broad set of languages including .NET, Java, Node.js, Ruby, PHP and Python while ensuring interoperability across clouds.

Web Fabric can be deployed in a secure environment to ensure no risk of shared access from other customers and enable it to run side-by-side with Tier 3’s IaaS in private VLANs to better support direct integration with applications and systems. Customers can deploy applications and scale them automatically.

Tier 3 Data Fabric is the first in a series of fabric services, according to the press release. The DBaaS can be called by Tier 3 virtual machines or Web Fabric as well as external applications, and works with a variety of databases including Redis, MongoDB, Micrsoft SQL Server, My SQL, and VMware vFabric Postgres. Data fabric features auto-scaling and high performance with automated built-in backups.

“We are seeing a fundamental shift in the industry to multi-service clouds systems.  Enterprise IT departments are rapidly adopting enterprise-class hybrid cloud platforms for business-critical legacy applications, but true PaaS adoption has been stalled due to stringent requirements for security without sacrificing HA, performance and scale as well as management complexity,” Jared Wray, Tier 3 founder and chief technology officer said in a statement. “The Tier 3 Enterprise Cloud Platform with Web Fabric and Data Fabric is game changing for mid-size to large enterprises.  They can now leverage the flexibility of a complete set of enterprise-grade public cloud services together in the same service and from behind the corporate firewall ― standard virtual machine capabilities for enhanced agility and a services fabric to streamline the rapid development of new features.”

Tier 3 says it will release other fabric services like messaging, queuing and caching throughout 2012.

Tier 3 Web Fabric is generally available now, while Data Fabric is in beta until June 1.

The company is demonstrating its cloud platform including Web Fabric and Data Fabric at Interop Vegas this week.

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