Cloud Migration Software Firm Racemi Joins Rackspace Cloud Tools Network

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Cloud migration software provider Racemi announced on Friday it has joined Rackspace Hosting‘s Cloud Tools network.

Joining the Rackspace cloud partner network gives cloud app developers an opportunity to market their services to Rackspace customers and attract new business.

Launched in August 2009, Rackspace’s Cloud Tools is an online service for sharing tools, applications and services developed by strategic partners and independent developers for The Rackspace Cloud.

Open-source cloud services provider OpenLogic and security provider StillSecure also recently joined the Rackspace Cloud Tools program.

Through this joint collaboration, Rackspace Cloud customers can seamlessly migrate existing applications using Racemi Cloud Path, which migrates applications in their current tested and proven configuration without requiring server rebuilds or additional technology stacks.

Rackspace Cloud Tools is a showcase site for the company’s strategic partners and independent developers to work with Rackspace Cloud in order to share tools, applications and services.

“Cloud Path users tell us that they love the speed of migrations, our Zero Risk licensing plan, and that our technology doesn’t require any on-premises infrastructure,” said James Strayer, vice president of product management at Racemi.

Racemi Cloud Path is a software as a service offering that allows businesses to migrate their existing applications into the cloud quickly, without the expensive costs or rebuilding servers. The Cloud Path technology moves the entire server stack including the operating system, applications and configuration.

Racemi builds server imaging and cloud migration technology allowing companies to quickly capture and move their existing server images to, from and between cloud providers and across data centers.

Racemi enables OEM partners to automate private data centers by leveraging it server imaging technology to rapidly provision servers in any automated use case including rapidly deploying enterprise images to cloud computing resources.

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