HP will offer RightScale cloud management to its cloud customers

Cloud Management Provider RightScale Announces Support for HP Public Cloud

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Cloud management provider RightScale announced on Tuesday that it will offer HP Cloud as one of the public cloud choices available for management with RightScale.

HP announced on Tuesday that it would launch the public beta of its cloud services based on OpenStack starting May 10, including its compute, object storage and cloud CDN powered by Akamai.

RightScale already supports OpenStack, CloudStack and Eucalyptus, and public clouds Rackspace, SoftLayer, AWS, LogicWorks and Datapipe, according to its website.

Customers expect to save money by moving to cloud as that has long been a marketing claim from cloud providers trying to convince customers of the benefits of cloud infrastructure. While this may not necessarily be the case, customers still want some insight and transparency into cloud resource allocation, and RightScale addresses that with its management platform. It works across private, public and hybrid cloud deployments, which is what HP’s converged cloud will offer customers.

Automation and multi-cloud support are the main features of RightScale’s platform, and RightScale claims 87 percent of compute power managed through the RightScale platform comes from companies that use multiple clouds. With RightScale, its customers are able to eliminate redundant tasks, make operations more scalable and automate disaster response to increase efficiency.

“As more enterprises embrace cloud technology, HP Cloud Services will provide an important infrastructure choice based on HP’s world-class hardware, software, and global support infrastructure,” Bailey Caldwell, vice president of business development for RightScale said in a statement. “Through this partnership, RightScale customers will have access to HP Cloud Services offering superior support and service. In addition, HP customers will have access to RightScale cloud management for rapid onboarding and increased automation at scale.”

HP customers will also be able to use the RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace which includes a library of pre-built cloud ServerTemplates, scripts and architectures published by RightScale, ISV and SI partners. RightScale launched its marketplace in May 2011 as a central location for customers to access software solutions and server templates for automation.

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