Cloud Management Platform RightScale Launches MultiCloud Marketplace

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 Cloud management firm RightScale ( announced on Tuesday that it has launched its MultiCloud Marketplace, a store for software solutions and applications to build cloud instances.

Prior to this announcement, RightScale ServerTemplates were not accessible via a one-stop shop. The MultiCloud Marketplace enables companies to access a collection of software solutions from RightScale and software partners from one central location. 

According to the press release, the applications in the marketplace include end-user applications to middleware and components such as data stores, grid frameworks and Web servers.

RightScale says its MultiCloud Marketplace is an open market for software vendors and companies to publish cloud-ready versions of software deployments.

RightScale solutions architect Brian Adler says server templates are a unique feature to the RightScale platform in a demo on the company’s website.

According to Adler, the templates provide the necessary “bits and pieces” to automate server configuration without human intervention. 

Server templates are portable to prevent cloud lock-in so the same template can be used to launch a server in multiple clouds. RightScale currently supports Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Eucalyptus and 

“You can think of our MultiCloud Marketplace as an app store for IT professionals using the cloud and the first to offer true multi-cloud portability,” Michael Crandell, CEO, RightScale said in a statement. “Cloud infrastructure delivers unprecedented agility, but launching and managing applications in the cloud with high operational excellence is still complex and time consuming. That’s why we built the MultiCloud Marketplace — to provide our users access to cloud-ready software deployments where the operational excellence is already built-in, using RightScale’s and our partners’ years of experience launching and operating large scale cloud deployments. In addition, we’re delighted to see that the MultiCloud Marketplace has become a true open community in that individual users are contributing also. This gives the entire RightScale community a growing collection of ServerTemplates available for deployment across multiple cloud infrastructures.”

RightScale says its marketplace supports several unique publishing and sharing scenarios. For example, sofware partners and systems integrators can publish to a restricted set of users and charge via a pay-per-use licensing model or can publish to all users based on their own attached licensing agreement.

According to the press release, RightScale and its partners publish new ServerTemplates to the MultiCloud Marketplace each week. The RightScale community has developed more than 42,500 cloud-ready templates to date. 

In October 2010, RightScale opened up its ServerTemplates to be published by any RightScale user. Previously, only RightScale and RightScale Partner Program members could publish templates.

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