Cloud Hosting Firm CSC Expands Hybrid Cloud Service in Canada

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Cloud hosting provider CSC announced on Friday it has expanded cloud services in Canada with its CSC BizCloud, the first on-premise private cloud billed as a service and ready for workloads in 10 weeks. The move comes just a couple months after CSC named Peter Donnelly as president of its Canadian division.

Canada cloud hosting market is relatively small, with only a few companies offering these services on-premise in the country.

This brings along a significant opportunity for hosting companies to sell on-premise cloud services to Canadian companies and government organizations so they can adhere to Canadian data governance regulations.

Last June, Canadian web hosting provider Tenzing Managed IT Services began offering its customers a public cloud service based on OpSource’s cloud architecture.

BizCloud combines the privacy, security and control of a private cloud with the agility, convenience and commercial model of a public cloud. As a result, it helps accelerates the adoption of a private cloud by businesses and government agencies, eliminating lengthy capital acquisition cycles.

More importantly, it is an alternative to do-it-yourself private clouds, where multiple components are acquired and then integrated.

BizCloud is based on fully integrated VCE Vblock and includes a service catalogue, chargeback methodology and automation to simplify management and orchestration.

BizCloud is a VMware vCloud Datacenter Service that provides users with all the components needed for a private cloud. The service is preconfigured, integrated and tested on their premises and behind their firewall.

The security monitoring and management included with BizCloud meets the requirements of most security-conscious organizations. Initially launched in the United States in February 2011, BizCloud is also available in Europe, Australia and Asia.

“BizCloud and the CSC IaaS layer, CloudCompute, provide the centerpiece of the modern virtualized data center,” said Siki Giunta, vice president of cloud computing and software services at CSC. “There is a model for every organization. Whether you want self-managed or managed service options, or a private, public or hybrid cloud, CSC is following through on our promise to deliver the right cloud, the right way. With CSC, every organization can easily make the initial move to ‘as a service’ — infrastructure, platform and software on-demand.”

Workloads running on the CSC cloud can be scaled up or down according to demand and are billed from the same rate card as public and virtual private cloud services.

BizCloud leverages CSC CloudCompute, which is standard across all the CSC clouds, ensuring optimal mobility of workloads across cloud models. This hybrid approach keeps mission-critical applications on premises with BizCloud while using CSC’s off-premises cloud — also located in Canada — for backup, disaster recovery, business continuity or development and test.

Additionally, CSC is now offering CSC Unified Communications as a Service based on Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Services.

The CloudCompute infrastructure is built on VCE’s standardized cloud fabric, Vblock Infrastructure Platforms, which integrates VMware virtualization software, the Cisco Unified Computing System, and EMC’s storage, security and management technologies.

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