Cloud Host Linode Brings Open Source Guides and Tutorials to GitHub

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On the heels of its 11th anniversary, Linode has released the latest version of its open sourced guides and tutorials library on GitHub.

According to the company’s Wednesday announcement, after launching the Linode Library five years ago, it has received a “functional facelift and name-change.”

“The redesign will expedite a user’s search, improve navigation and enhance readability. Releasing the docs to GitHub makes it easier for anyone to offer edits and contribute new content,” Linode project lead Alex Fornuto said.

Linode has been rolling out several updates over the past few months, introducing an hourly plan in March, upgrading its cloud infrastructure with a $45 million investment in April, and introducing a $10/month plan in June.

“We needed to do this for our customers and our employees. Because it’s now completely open-source, the cloud community can easily contribute to its development,” Linode CEO Christopher S. Aker said. “This revamp is a small but essential upgrade that continues our effort to offer the best cloud-hosting services for the buck.”

Linode has re-formatted documents in the library from earlier templates, featuring easy-to-read labels, shadowed and clickable table of contents, and screenshots.

“Bounty submissions can still be sent to us via email, but now also, they can be sent as pull requests through GitHub,” Fornuto said.

As cloud providers look for ways to stay competitive, embracing open source is something that can help encourage innovation within the company and within a community of customers. Recently, Rackspace announced a company policy that encourages employees to contribute to any open source project.


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  1. Kevin

    As always, Linode is behind the curve when it comes to keeping up with other companies. Why is this news?